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  • Fallen

    Yes! Bring it back.

  • Vex

    Yes please!
    Bring the verified bot developer badge, we're working hard to make a successful bot and one of the main goals of that is getting that beautiful badge, hopefully it will be brought back.
    Thank you beforehand!

  • Vex

    I'm upset because the way Discord approached this situation is not fair. They could have approached this situation differently to make sure only the people who earned it will get it so the badge still has its value. A great example of this is the Bug Hunter badge, people only get this badge when they have earned it, and there is not a single way to abuse that system. Compare this to the developer badge, it only takes 75+ servers and at least one developer coding a decent bot to get it approved and everyone in the team will get it, no matter if they put zero effort in it.

  • ocean

    Give it back for developers, but chenges limits. Users creates bots only for this bage and this is stupid. Better option is bage for developers with bots in 1000 servers (this is example)

  • Bolt2434

    yes, but I think the 1000 servers is a bit too much. I think it should remain at 100+ servers but extra security like a verified email (the dev) and the badge is for the owner rather then for the ENTIRE team. true story: I am the developer of Bolt bot, and my friend, cement, joined the team yet did nothing for the bot. I did 100% of the work, and I made a true bot, with many features, so I should get a badge not cement. cement did nothing to earn it while I earned everything. I should look at my account and feel proud with the badge while cement deserves to tear up and cry when looking at their account realizing that they did nothing and earned nothing.

  • RobertCodez

    To be honest, 100 servers is really low, although removing the badge completely, is absolutely not great. Therefore, about 300 - 500 servers seems like a decent amount

  • JosGCS

    Discord should brings back Verified Developer Badge but with new requeriments for new and existing bot developers (to prevent badge farmers). Badge Farmers was the reason of why Discord removes this badge on August 19, 2020. Some requeriments can be...

    1) Your bot should be on more than 1,000 servers.
    2) Bot owner should had more than 2 years registered on Discord.
    3) Bot owner should had a verified email address on his Discord account.
    4) Bot owner should had 2FA enabled on his Discord account.
    And the existing bot verification requeriments.

    I hope that Discord brings back this badge because we work hard and spend a lot of time and money.

  • Frax

    I think the same, it would be great if they give them their badges again.

  • Programmer Ayush

    Yes it isn't Fair,
    Discord Should bring the Verified Bot Dev Badge back

  • Chad


  • Bananos

    I agree. Discord should definitely bring it back in some form. Tbh I don't care if it's the old design or they make a new one, I would just like there to be one.


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