Application Crashes after OS sleep recovery.


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  • HeyFalcon

    Mine does this as well but only when my monitor goes to sleep. When i move my mouse and wake the monitors, Discord will be frozen and require force close and restart.

  • TheLuckiest

    Happening for me as well on Windows 10. Only have 1 monitor, but Discord is consistently unresponsive after waking from sleep.

  • crayon

    It does it so consistently I've begun to open task manager reflexively after sleep. No solution thus far.

  • TheVedge

    Happens on 2 computers here:

    1. Single monitor after it falls asleep (pc is still awake)
    2. Multi monitor after computer falls asleep
  • nrgbistro

    This happens to me with just one monitor on my laptop and with one 2k 165hz desktop monitor whenever another application goes to fullscreen or if the monitor turns off. Every time I have to left click Discord it in the task manager again to reopen the app.

  • Yankeh

    Slight insight into this issue, what is frozen is actually only an "image of discord", not actual discord, you can just go to the tray menu bottom right and click on the discord icon to bring it back without restarting the app.

    Still annoying though.

  • nrgbistro

    Yeah after a while I discovered that I can fix it by clicking the tray icon. It's a bit faster but still extremely annoying. This should have been fixed a long time ago.

  • Wiggles

    So they made an update that changed the issue, cause even the icon trick never worked 6 months ago.

    Also, no staff has even addressed this issue, which has only grown over the months it seems.

  • BRNK

    Still having the same issue here. No fixes yet.


    Reddit Thread with people have the same issue:


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