Discord Bot API Linking Feature


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  • hexx

    No point. Just make 2 webservers on each bot and talk to them directly, rather than going through a Discord API. Also each bot has its own 'inflation' in its own economy so it'd completely destroy economies.

  • kyoko

    no, just make your own websockets in the bot or socket sever so you can send events

  • catgirl

    No point in this, you can just set up a socket server or anything they can use to send and receive data (that won't go down like every minute preferably)

    (e.g, in a channel specifically for sending and receiving you, can make it so bot 1 sends a message saying that oh a user joined, etc. the 2nd bot gets an event triggered as there's a message in the channel, the bot can understand this (in code) and sends a message saying oh a user joined welcome him, etc.) 

    also if you want it, to share the same data, link the leveling system and currency to the same databases.


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