Multi-Game Activity


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  • Losti

    the second picture looks nice and i sounds like a good idea


  • renic16

    I like this idea

  • Me entregué al chow

    Yeah, it's a great idea.

    I was also thinking of a variation. Like to have two little arrows to change the activity you want to see and not take up much space. 

    Sorry, I used paint lol

  • meowaoe

    its a thing now : o

    i never seen this 'Activity' until today so i thought i would search something related to this haha. then i saw this post

  • Senip

    I know! I'm so incredibly happy! I just wish we got some credit for contribution of ideas. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanted this, But the similarity is too similar to the images I posted 7 months ago. A bit uncanny! :]

  • Vulcan

    This is awesome!


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