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  • I completely agree. The font being both smaller and a different colour so it limits the contrast is a real accessibility issue. As well as not including the entire quote.

  • Tonberry

    I agree. I have reading issues and it takes me like 5x longer to read a thread of messages when there's more replies in it like this. It breaks the flow for me. Sorry.

  • Adri

    I agree. I have to squint and get closer to my screen to be able to read.

    Also, the fact that "user replied to user" is in a bigger clearer font that the actual original message makes it even worse. My eyes go straight to " user replied to user " instead of to the original message. So the route my eyes follow is: A replied to B > A's message > A replied to B > B's message.
    The older "quote" feature would be perfect if you could link to the original message when clicking on them. 
    They were easier to read, you could perfectly tell you were replying to a message. And an added link to the original message would've had the same effect you're trying to achieve with the new " reply to " feature.

  • Tonberry

    It might be better to list the reply under the text

    This is an example

    • Do the reply line under in smaller font


    Still make it optional though...

  • Nerdbert

    I saw the reply function first time today. We don't have that on our server.

    I have to say, I like the visual indicator that also provides a link to the previous post. I certainly agree that it can be challenging for visially impaired people. 
    Personally, I am really unsure about this announcing first line ("XY replied to YZ"), where usually only your username is shown and that also takes over role formating from the user you replied from.

    It takes away the usual text segmentation, has the same formating as the actual reply and, depending on the role colors, it can be quite distracting!

    What prevents you to show the user name you replied from next to his avatar in the reply indicator?... This morning I saw it is standard on the mobile version and I was so happy to see it, I come back to the PC and saw it's only the fault on mobiles. Why? Just Why?


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