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  • Avnior

    I have to say, this is one of the most well written feedback posts I've seen in a long time. It is clear and concise but still allows room for the discord team to wiggle. Whether that be with changing the requested features to better fit into the system, and/or by giving them several options that could work together, but don't have to in order to achieve the OP's goal (meaning that they don't all have to be implemented).

    As far as the request its self, I completely agree that something should be done about the custom statuses. I love the custom status feature and think it should remain a thing. However, the points brought up are big, real concerns. For example, I can't think of a single link that anyone would want to share using custom statuses that isn't inappropriate, phishing or some other malicious website, or simple advertisement. And while I feel that advertisement is the least harmful out of the 3, especially since custom statuses are really only shown in the member list under that user's name. Advertising is still generally looked down upon, especially in official and other mid to large size servers in which case it's usually prohibited by that server's rules.

  • Evan

    Setting "Display Custom Status" as a role permission would likely be the best implementation for server owners, like so:

  • Natti_Lin (They/Them)

    THIS. All of these are fantastic ideas! We sorely need moderation for these statuses. I have nothing to add to this except my support!

  • Selim

    I'd love to see a a permission to disable statuses for particular roles.  We already have an offender on a smaller local server and it would be easy to assign them a role that hides their status then.  No different than disabling ability for a user to change their nickname after abusing it in the past.

    Also, if it becomes a server specific status, that could open up an interesting feature for bots, showing sever specific info in their statuses.  But that is for another time, more urgently we need to find a way to moderate these statuses, one way or another.

  • 🐧Master3395🐧

    This should have been considered, before they pushed custom statuses.
    I moderate quite big servers.
    And we have strict rule on Profanity.
    And people get away with it.
    Or we have to manually check every user (not having enough time to check EVERY member).
    So if there could be an option for roles, or at least let the bot's have an api, to change statuses per server. (Just like Nicknames)

  • Lil Monster

    I agree with all the statements and comments in this post. It's very hard to moderate a Discord community when they are given leeways like the Custom Status. Please find a way to implement these as soon as possible. There are multiple people who not only use Custom Status to break Discord Server Rules but also Discord's TOS by using some seriously offensive language or links.

  • Rune

    Very much needed and should have been part of the initial delivery. Without this, Discord is no longer fit-for-purpose for any PG-rated communities.  Why :( 

  • Blazey

    I would love this idea since, some of the members in my server are using the custom status to have things that are not appropriate and would like to have the Hide Custom Status to hide unless you click on their profile! 

  • bex-dk

    As my server has dealt with this issue, I've been thinking more on options for how this could function. A role-based block would be a shame on many servers to deny the function to a number of innocent users.

    We already have "Change Nickname" powers. That comes with a reminder from Discord that it should only be used in cases where a user is breaking community guidelines. What if that menu command were changed to "Moderate Display" and that opened a dialogue box with the warning that it should only be used if enforcing community guidelines and it gave the power to

    • Change Nickname
    • Suppress custom status
    • Suppress profile picture

    These are the functions we sometimes need and miss. Perhaps the settings for the suppression could have the options similar to those for the custom status setup

    • Until changed
    • for 24 hours
    • for a week
    • permanently

    Then we could open the same box to uncheck the suppression if needed.

    With "until changed" as moderators we risk the user changes them to something more offensive to our community, but it would go well with a DMed warning "Your X is in violation of our community guidelines. Display of your X is suppressed until you have changed it to something more appropriate" Then it shows when the user changes it again and the mods can monitor whether they need to follow up. And the time frames would allow servers to say "Because you used an offensive X, your display is suppressed for a week. If you do not comply with our guidelines after that time period, your display will be suppressed permanently."

    I'm not a coder so I don't know how hard this would be to work out, but it would keep the issue from affecting the user on other servers. Right now we had to demand a person remove their status or leave the server, since it was in strong violation of the guidelines. And a suppressed status would just display nothing. A suppressed profile picture could display the discord symbol.

    This would give moderators flexible options for managing some of the issues we now have in specialized communities.

    And as the commenter before me pointed out--contacting the user on this can create conflict. We had the user change to a MORE OFFENSIVE status when first warned. Fortunately our moderator was able to explain why this was an issue for our community and the person backed down, but if that had not happened, we'd have had to ban them. The ability to suppress it would have been useful, as we could have suppressed it as soon as it displayed and had the chat if it was still there after 24 hours when many status settings time out because of the Discord defaults.

  • nts

    This is urgently needed for our server. Our members are "hiding" profanity in these statuses which would get them banned if typed out in chat.

  • chunked_element

    Yes this ^, This looked so good I had to go check and make sure I didn't miss a setting.

  • Napostrophe

    I agree strongly on having a feature to allow for the moderation of custom statuses. I am an administrator of a large server and we recently had an issue with someone using an notably insensitive status, but we don't deem the violation to warrant an outright kick or ban. We like custom statuses and think it would be unfair to force someone to change something that's global because it violates one server's rules. This doesn't necessarily need to be about something that's offensive or insensitive, this could result from some other server-specific rules like anonymity-preservation rules and other things like that. As such having per-server statuses and/or the ability to hide a status would be invaluable.

    For those concerned about "restricting" a feature, that is 100% not what this is. First of all, nobody is suggesting disabling someone's status globally because they violated a rule on a single server; we are suggesting just being able to at least hide it on our server(s) specifically. Secondly, people would still be able to use the feature freely; the only time people would not be allowed to would be if they are breaking a server's rules, and again, that's only on a per-server basis; the feature would still exist globally and for other servers. And for those saying "moderators should just do their jobs then:" that is absolutely not helpful in any way; often times problems that result from things like this do not warrant bans or kicks and can/should often be solvable by moderators without contact with the offending party (as contact may result in conflict), similar to how it is currently for nicknames. However, currently no moderation is possible, making either a kick, ban, or direct contact (which can cause conflict, especially since this is a global setting currently) the only options.

    I really hope this feature gets implemented soon, and props to everyone for their input and especially OP for such a great post.

  • optimusprime338

    Please add these features as soon as possible. I am done arguing with our server members about their status.

  • chunked_element

    This needs to be role based. Custom status is fine for trusted, but for new members that have profanity and adverts, ect.. displayed, there needs to be a way to disable for server mods esp. if you are trying to run a family friendly operation. is there a bot that blocks garbage posts in custom status. Please at least give mods a option to disable. Thanks.

  • Kris

    I completely agree, yesterday I came across a user calling someone the n-word through their status and could do nothing about it.

    I really love how you can set it globally at once so I wouldn't like the change of having it per-server, but one feature I'd like to see is an ability for server staff to hide a custom status from a specific user if necessary. This would help moderating them and would also let the user keep the status on other servers that might allow it.

  • kingdobby

    In regards to the Blacklist feature, Discord.js now supports for a bot to get a user's custom status. Therefore, it would be theoretically possible (though tricky with the amount of people that are in your server) to make a bot that reads the custom statuses and if it sees a word from the list of "banned words" it has, it can then proceed to do an action (warn user via dm, kick, ban etc).

  • bex-dk

    I admin a server and we are already discussing how to deal with a member having a status that violates the goals of our community. So YES. We need this now. Otherwise we may end up banning people and that is a shame to have to do that.


  • Jump

    Custom statuses are less moderated than nicknames. That's unacceptable. If someone has an inappropriate nickname, you can change it. If someone has an inappropriate status, you can't do anything about it. Even just a permission for allowing custom statuses would go a long way until something more solid is put into place.

  • Doctacosa

    Smaller server admin here. One option that could work well for us would be to be able to wipe someone's custom title (locally or globally), much like how we can forcibly change someone's nickname on a server. This way, we can quickly remove the offending content, then we can talk with the user to explain why this was done.

  • PicSoul

    These are all great ideas and would be very much appreciated. 

  • SneakySnake


  • perlcode

    Imo custom statuses could've been left out of Discord completely. 

    Aaaaand if the feature absolutely needed to be added... Well then the ability to toggle Custom Statuses on & off (per server) should've been implemented BEFORE custom statuses launched!

    Being involved in several, and maintaining three discord servers, I too can vouch having the problems exploding at the launch of custom statuses.

    Much like problems in IRC exploded with the launch of mIRC, when you were no longer, people were quickly finding the power of anonymity in being didgeridoo@line213.pptp.dial-up.isp etc.

    I'm sure the the intention was good in both cases, but this one particular change/addition lowered Discord from "awesome" to "microsoft level of competence" immediately, at least in my eyes.

    This one server in particular, where things are supposed to be civil, friendly and fair...
    ...People take great enjoyment of abusing the custom status. >_<
    You can't give people tools like this and expect them to be smart with them. Really. You can't. Human nature!
    I'm surprised Discord Dev Team hasn't learned this already =P

    Seeing autism-bashing and gayphobia manifestations in Custom Status has become a daily phenomenon already.
    Thank you Discord?

    In short: Make haste adding the ability to toggle custom statuses on/off either per server or per role, either would be fine.
    ( And I'd disable them for every role, sheesh. ) xD

  • chunked_element

    Didnt state or say anything about global disabling or removing the feature. Just need to disable/block/ or filter custom status on our server based on roles only as a way to moderate language and adverts thats it. I like the custom status option but its not really some great new feature to put text under a name. If they could add a way to filter links and certain words that would be fine as well.

  • Cracker


    When is this happening?

  • Mook

    I'm not generally the sort for hyperbole, but how in the actual hell is this still not addressed? Nothing quite like chatting with someone about a TV show or video game to see their custom status is "UrMomTasteGood." Doesn't this single feature make Discord completely untenable for any SFW server?

  • Napostrophe

    It is certainly possible people could set their statuses to invite links or other links and use that for promotion and avoiding any rules against it. 

    As it stands right now, custom statuses serve a perfect means for people to work around any rules a server may have.

  • Frokengeni

    We have recently run into this problem as well. We do not wish to outright ban people, but an option to disable certain ranks from displaying statuses would be nice.

  • I agree that being able to hide rule breaking custom messages would be really handy. So far I've had to mark people as "z[please change custom message]" just so they aren't visible in the list. I moderate an official game server and we really can't have that sort of stuff.

  • Freddymaus

    Is it allowed to post an invite link to a discord server in custom status?

  • chunked_element

    Any updates to the status of implementing this type of feature? Is it a possibility for discord servers admin/mods could have ability for this to be role based or filter inappropriate content that is displayed in the custom status? Members could still have custom status but enforce filtering would be nice. Maybe put **** s  that would blank out the inappropriate words, links, or spam that's posted?

    Just a checkbox like below for custom status: General/family friendly, PG/PG-13, or None/Unrestricted to be displayed for **** filtering of words/ect.


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