Allow servers to set up booster exclusive emojis


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  • SplatSquid

    Idk, if we want emojies, we just have to upload them on a server we created especially for emojies.

  • Orius

    SρlατSquιδ, while that is true, its best to keep it in one server so that everybody can have the emojis without having a dozen servers.

  • Corrompu

    He talk about emote than we can lock for booster support, I'm agree that can be really nice, It offers a right to those who support a server. But it's still a little useless if it supports your server, the person already has nitro so he can use emotes outside the server

    But I will still vote for it because it may be interesting for servers that prevent the use of external emote

  • Tonkku

    A user with Nitro wouldn't be able to use booster exclusive emojis unless they boost the server the emojis are in.

  • Malteaser

    Our server has locked external emojis so it would be nice to offer exclusive emojis to nitro boosters as we've already hit the top tier and people are still boosting. We want to give something back :)

  • IllagerCaptain

    This is actually a feature, but it is not in the UI. You can use the API to make emojis exclusive to a role, including nitro booster roles. The emoji won't even show up to non-boosters.

  • Jakeob is I

    How would we add that feature?

  • IllagerCaptain

    With bots. A good bot for it is Emoji Restrictor, add it then use this command: @Emoji Restrictor add <insert emote> `<insert booster role name>`


  • Nightcat

    This would be a very niche feature. If users are allowed to use external emotes in the server, they can simply reupload the exclusive emotes to another server. If they’re not allowed to use external emotes, the feature works as intended, but isn’t server boosting supposed to benefit the whole server? This kinda goes against that.

    It’s true that this is already a thing for members who are Twitch subs, but:

    • Twitch sub emotes aren’t counted towards the emote limit
    • Reuploading sub emotes without permission is discouraged and disrespectful since they often cost the streamer either money to commission or time to make

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