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  • TheFutureKnight
    There's already a way to do that, goes by the name of DND, also lowering your mixer for Discord and many more, as far as going to disabling notifications.

    Going DND stops notifications all together. What would be nice is to still have notifications but just be able to lower the volume of them without having to lower the volume of your entire system.

  • OrangeNova

    This is such a needed feature. I don't want to get rid of notifications, but I play with a Desktop mic, and in order to hear people, I have to have discord at a set volume, and in doing so, I make it so everyone can hear my notification sounds.

    I want to turn down just the notification sounds so they're not as loud, but audible to me(and not people I'm voice chatting)

  • JoHegl

    Same problem here. When I can hear people notifications blast my ears off. And when I adjust the volume for okayish volume of the notifications, then I cannot hear anyone in voice chat. I have notification sounds disabled because of that problem, but that makes me miss calls, for example :-(

  • Adelscott

    Another needed feature easy to implement, but as always Discord team doesn't give a sh*t  ...

  • deadbeef

    I have to keep all my friends on mute so that I don't go deaf. I will be sitting at my desk working when suddenly "beep BEEP!" "beep BEEP!" "beep BEEP!" "beep BEEP!" "beep BEEP!" "beep BEEP!" Why is it so loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, PLEASE implement a feature so that if someone messages me multiple times in quick succession, I dont have to hear loud BEEP BEEP for every single message! I have people who like to message me a lot. I don't need to hear a beep for EVERY TIME they message. I only need to hear ONE beep, to indicate that I have unread messages. Not a beep for EVERY Message.

    My solution is just to keep everyone on mute and have to check discord occasionally to see if I have any new messages. Not ideal.

  • KeenKrozzy


    God I hate it when I am deep into a game and one of my friends start messaging me BOBOOP BOBOOP BOBOOP BOBOOP

    And no, DND is not a solution. (Is your car too loud? Turn it off! derrr)

    And no, turning Discord down in the volume mixer is not a solution (Is your car too loud? Put in ear plugs! derrr)

  • Chuu

    I too would appreciate a volume system for different sounds like how it is in some video games that have separate volume for music and sfx.

  • NSxProdigy

    Having a separate volume slider for notifications specifically is only logical. I think it would be fair to say at this point that if the discord team HASN'T been asked to do this hundreds of times or AREN'T currently in the process of adding it, they don't use their own application enough.

    I'm getting ready to dive into the internals and change the hard value of the notification volume or sound because of the lack of flexibility regarding it. You either turn ALL of discord down which (as mentioned above) isnt a solution it's a band-aid, and turning off notifications or sound entirely through DND which means then you don't get ANY notifications. No notifications wouldn't be bad, if there was a timeline/area somewhere for you to see all of the notifications that you missed while you were on dnd (across all servers) but that sure as hell isn't on discord either.

    It really feels like the discord team is content with the state of the application and aren't working on the QOL improvements that users actually want...

  • НаПодхвате

    Discord, can you handle this firstly-needed feature?

  • НаПодхвате

    Guys, whoever reading this - send link to this thread to your friends please, or we will never see this thing in future.

  • Science Fiction

    of course you need to add this feature now

  • НаПодлете

    Please add this feature as soon as possible

  • screwpig

    Please add this feature, to be honest this should have been added a long time ago some peoplel have really sensitive hearing so the beep can be deafening especially if you don't expect it but at the same time they may still want some audio

  • iCarr

    I can't believe a google search of "Lower Discord notification volume" really brought me to a ticket where people asked 2 weeks ago for such a basic feature. 

    This is wild. 

    Just put a volume slider in the "Notifications" category. Boom done. 


  • uzi

    bruh discord can we get this please 

  • JoHegl

    Adding to my previous comment...On Windows 10 (and maybe other versions) this is sort of implemented via the regular system sound volume sliders. The preferences are called "app volume and device preferences".

    Discord shows 2 sliders there for me (see screenshot). The upper one is for notifications and the lower one for voice as it seems. Problem is: Windows seems to forget this setting sometimes and blows my ears out again.

    That forgetting might have to do with the way Discord is deployed as an app. Maybe after a Discord update Windows thinks it is another app? Idk. This is just speculation, but it has happened to me sadly.

    But for what it's worth... this possibility might help some of you... maybe.

  • Fenrir Shade

    I searched "how to change notification volume" because damn that thing is loud and honestly I just mute my entire laptop sometimes, Discord doesnt even show up in my volume mixer so I can't mute it there. 

  • Test Account

    **HERES A FIX**:

  • Kroxz

    JoHegl Thanks mate!

    Can confirm that this works for me too.

  • Schrödinger's Cat

    Discord guys, please implement this feature, it really si needed! 

  • MazeFrame

    Some recent update made the volume of notification and voice level out (notifications will end up the same volume as voice at some point)

  • Plamen.Andonov

    I logged in here for first time just to bump this topic.
    Like, My Dudes, are you serious, don't you use your own software?
    Haven't you noticed how annoyingly loud notifications BEEP's can be while at the same time you do prefer sound feedback on new notficiations?
    Make a damn slider.

  • spooks7er

    Let's hope 2021 will be a better year for our ears.

  • EVscumbag

    This needs to happen ASAP.  Also discord audio needs alot of help, 256 kbps audio quality or 320 Kbps needs to be standard or Level 1.  128 Kbps isnt cutting it in 2020, come one.  Find the bandwidth, my ears are being destroyed on your platform.

  • Cyñical

    Please make this an option! I'm really sick of having to mute all notifications and miss messages, all because there isn't a simple volume slider for them. Windows mixer doesn't work because it eventually resets the separate sliders to having the same top volume, so every few days notifs will be crazy loud again. I genuinely don't understand why this hasn't been implemented yet.

  • Kanna

    plss notification volume slider for the love of discord users. we need this

  • Kanna

    guys the second slider is for notifications, it might be further right, how ive never noticed it

  • MazeFrame

    Concerning the "solution" above, this is how I want this to be set up (100% is for voice):
    Restarting discord or the computer will reset both to 100%.

  • Schrödinger's Cat

    I have only 1 slider in windows 10


    Hopefully an option to change notifications volume will be added soon


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