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  • ForceJudgement

    Agreed! Even on the web version. 

  • Earl

    We've been asking for collapsing panes and minimum window size literally for years on the Windows side. Still nothing on almost all those except to hide channel members.

    On Mac is there not an icon to the left of the search bar (maybe elsewhere) that looks like silhouettes of 2 people? Should say "Member List" when you hover over it.

  • Ominous_One

    The absolute worst part about using Discord for me right now is not being able to resize the left and right panes, or to have them responsively resize! I'm often maximizing my screen space and putting applications in all 4 quadrants of my desktop. But that makes Discord very cluncky, images often clip off screen, and getting to older messages becomes a task with the amount of scrolling needed. I think the server/channel list and the member list can both become drop-downs from the top bar when in a very small size, or pull-out/pop-out menus. That way, we can more than double the real estate given to the main chat window.


  • iconoplast

    I agree with all this, a few years ago you used to be able to collapse it to the user and channel list only, which is ideal for those who want a small window.

    I have a 6 monitor set up, but find the expanded version (i.e. wide version with the chat and friends panes being non-collapsible as you minimize) annoying as hell and will either (A) pull it to the far right of my desktop, so I don't see the chat and friend panes (i.e. this friend and chat panes are off screen in win 10) or (B) hide the chat and friends panes under another window.

    I don't also always want a wide window and even to see my chat for various reasons, in my Discord server, so seeing the chat screen is only desirable in some circumstances anyhow, so for this reason and limiting large size, I didn't like the change from the compact version

    I loved how in the past you could minimize the DISCORD window and it would minimize to the size of the channel list and user list only and was relatively small and compact. It had this feature, however as you expanded it in size, it popped in the chat and friends panes and as you widened it would only expand the chat pane, so it really was the best of both worlds.

    I didn't see the point of removing the ability to allow for a compact window, when for the people who desired a full size, would always have the option, as it was always there in the design. You actually gave less choice to the user, at the end of the day. The person in charge of this design decision (to only allow the full version) is assuming people want to see all that stuff and don't desire the ability to make a compact version. While I barely look at my chat and friends list and use mine for voice chat only.

    A collapsible discord to the size of a compact width, forgoing the chat and friends panes, is my preference and it would be great to have it back, for the space conscious, among us and I think it would make DISCORD an EVEN better product, while it's still the best IMO.


  • FoolForGod

    Yes, more control and flexibility over the parts of the interface on Windows and/or iOS would be greatly appreciated by me. The interface would be even more amazing than it already is if not only could you make it possible to hide or collapse certain pieces of the interface, but also control the font size separately. For example, I use discord for presentations face-to-face using a larger external monitor. When I do that I need to take up quite a bit of my screen in order to make the font large enough for people several feet away to still see the text. When I do that the font size of the channel list and the size of that section of the interface seems obviously unnecessarily large for my presentation purposes as almost no one needs to see that information. I included a modified snapshot of a before and after showing what I mean by being able to hide that section as an example of a move in that direction. I know many things have to be taken into account as judgment calls with interface design and your team has done a wonderful job in many ways. Please at least consider this request. Thank you for your hard work to strike a good balance between competing user needs.

    Before hide/collapse:


    After hide/collapse:






  • maxtim

    How it looks right now:

    How I wish it looked:


    Honestly, slack is pretty back about it, too. But I just want more room. All the extra fluff just takes up valuable screen space.

  • GeneticBlueprint

    This needs to happen as of yesterday.

  • mikeSPACs🇭🇺


  • haljordan

    On small laptops having nearly half the screen consumed by channels and other noise really reduces efficiency

  • Glenn Zucman

    Hi, all! Just want to cast 1 more vote for what everyone is saying: both sidebars should be able to collapse. Really makes Discord Desktop unfriendly on anything other than full screen. Maybe the Discord peeps only care about mobile and desktop is just too low a priority to bother getting it right?

  • DeafDucky

    Yet another vote for this.  I am vision impaired so I need bigger fonts to see the chat..but when I do zoom in it looks AWFUL and hard to read.   The app on the desktop/laptop app for mac is not responsive at all or has any way of collapsing the left and right side bars and expanding the chat window only so I can see!


    The suggestion above about the member list icon- clicking on that does close the member chat list on the right so that helps a bunch.  Still would like to see the groups & channels columns have the ability to collapse...

  • TheMasteredPanda (Dux)

    Voting for this. I use a laptop with a 14 inch screen when i'm out and about, when i'm in my house I connect my laptop to one 27 inch 1440p monitor and one 1080p 24 inch monitor rotated to be in portrait mode. in IRC, Slack, even Microsoft Teams I can throw the chat on my 1080p monitor with no issues. However with Discord I can't even fit the program onto the screen in it's smallest form!

  • Mrcool


    Here is a hack in the meantime

    Open the browser console and run


    function swap(v) {
    switch(v) {
    case "collapse":
    return "visible"
    return "collapse"


    document.getElementsByClassName("membersWrap-2h-GB4 hiddenMembers-2dcs_q")[0].style.visibility=swap(document.getElementsByClassName("membersWrap-2h-GB4 hiddenMembers-2dcs_q")[0].style.visibility);



    the class names might be different so you'll have to check those out.

  • klyde

    Still nothing eh

  • shawn-p-m

    ! i m CaT(
     Please fix this. My wife has myopic eyes and she literally has to disable the sidebar elements in the DOM to read anything :(

  • Nina (she/he/ze)

    Well hello there. I'm the one with the poor eye sight.
    Here you go, this is what it looks like on my 15' screen when in full screen mode and while the font is still two sizes too small for comfortable reading. The text input field is a special pain to work with. I have to make the global settings on my computer too small for comfort so that the sidebars in Discord won't completely cover the reading area in the middle. 

    I resorted to using Discord in the browser where I can manually slim down the two bars on the left and remove the bar on the right. That way I get full sentences in one line instead of three words or less. However, with that solution, I can never switch channel because I would lose my custom layout. 

    My biggest motivation in learning programming is my gripe with apps that don't take people's needs into consideration. There really should be options in the accessibility settings.

  • Mytho

    Discord, if you're keen to follow through on this new, more mature branding, consider adding features such as this.

    The ability to collapse the sidebar would be a major QOL tweak for all, particularly those with vertical monitors who end up with a small sliver of actual channel space.


  • Yanski

    Commenting on this to hopefully bump this thread up. I need the channel list to be collapsible :(

  • FrozenPlum

    Same, can't use discord on windows split screen without editing the code because of this, it is pretty silly. 

  • murphy

    Because the channel list doesn't collapse, the minimum size discord will resize to is half of my screen. Half of the channel list width is empty space and I don't even care about the channels anyway. Totally ridiculous that discord makes this huge release about changing their logo, but can't be bothered to make an extremely basic improvement to user experience for years.

  • traderhowell

    Not only is this a visual concern, but the client's refusal to shrink to less than 3 columns means it doesn't work with a lot of Windows 11 snap layouts.

  • jenninexus

    I think about how much I want this feature on a daily basis :-D

    I want to offer the upper roles to Supporters, but collapse them so I can see who's streaming.

  • Rokanishu

    Vertical monitor user here. Collapsing and or resizing of both the Server Selection sidebar as well as the Friends List/Channel list would be fantastic. I use a vertical monitor and these sidebars take up more space than is necessary when hanging out in the voice lobby sharing screens. 

    Sure, I could just Fullscreen the app. But now I lose the ability to see who's coming and going out of the server (No I'm not enabling non-video participates, and I wish that wasn't enabled by default, but that's a different discussion). And you lose the ability to resize Discord and keep other apps on the same monitor. 

  • kork

    Discord on one half on the screen of a regular 16:9 Laptop monitor:

  • Serienya

    Add me to those who would LOVE to be able to collapse the channel pane like you can the members list. I like having both Discord and a browser open (with Roll20), or some other program, and can't resize Discord small enough.

  • catalin

    Mrcool thanks!!!

    and an improved version....

    in my browser i assigned a binding to it
    but in normal browser you should probably paste it in console

  • Mrcool

    I made a firefox extension with the same general idea (it adds 2 buttons to the page that [un]collapse the respective sidebars)

    the advantage of this one is it doesn't hard-code class names so it should work more reliably

  • DeafDucky

    I wish there was an extension of sorts for the desktop app... I don't really use the web browser for Discord (Or the other similar app that starts with an S) as I already have too many tabs open (in both Firefox and Chrome...sigh).

    I'm not even sure Discord Developers/tech teams or whoever is responsible is even reading these threads/feedback. 

    Maybe I'll keep applying for a job there so I can find a way to make the UI friendlier for low vision people (and anyone else who wants a less cluttered interface).   Nina and I ought to get together and apply for a job! :)




  • Kaur Pääro

    I am looking forward for collapsible side panes.


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