Paste Not Functional (Desktop)


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  • Shyomission (Dana)

    Same, been happening for 3? days here. Also can't R click to use spell check and I am honestly too lazy to fix things.

  • Zesty Void Wiki

    I have been having the same issue (though through the browser version) since the last time the staff had to do some fixin' (now a week+ ago).
    I hae the option to paste (ie can right click, get the drop bar to paste a link or copied text) but it just won't add in the what I want as if I never copied a link or whatever in the first place.
    The only time it does work is through the app of discord on my phone, which is frustrating because I only use the app for a quick glance at channel activity when out and about and do most of my work/communicating while on laptop.


    Uh, seeing as you guys posted this about a week ago and I'm not seeing any comments from devs or helpful strangers, I'm not super hopeful that this issue is going to be fixable on my end and might just have to pray for the next inevitable maintence shut down and hope it sorts itself out.

  • Jam-Jackson

    i got the same problem! i thought i was the only person but there was someone else on here who mentioned it and i found this here, it's been lik this for me for 2 weeks, i refreshed the page, restarted my browser, restarted my laptop but nothing has worked. pressing crtl-p only opens the pinned messages. i haven't been able to copy+page links, images and now i can't even post the shortcut giphys. 


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