Lifetime Nitro


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  • TheRudeDude
    I don't think so that the feature you suggested will be useful enough to be implemented
  • Koro

    Boi discord nitro is and will forever be a subsription.
    Stop with all your giftcard bs, this is just another add *insert random prepaid solution here* thread

  • nutella

    what's the purpose? not trying to be mean but can't you just keep renewing the subscription?

  • Big Boss

    Most lifetime subscriptions are cheaper long term if you plan to keep purchasing the product. For example in this case discord would probably charge around $500 USD for a lifetime nitro membership and then if you planned to have for at least 5 years then it would basically be free after that.

  • Erika Asuna

    I personally will never buy Discord Nitro unless they add a lifetime option, you're going to end up wasting throusands of dollars for a subscription that has little to nothing to offer (one that removes all your privileges the moment you stop paying).

  • Vlerden

    My problem with subscription based requirements is that I like to plan for the long run with things I invest in.  Right now I'm living comfortably, so I can invest in something I like.  However, if my job situation changes I don't want to have a complete lifestyle change to go along with it.

  • ?ban

    I love to you discord but…… no problems

  • complexxL9

    I will avoid all subscriptions I can, however I would consider a one time buy-in option.

  • Agon

    I categorically refuse to see recurrent monthly payments on my bank statements. No lifetime subscription = I won't even consider getting nitro. Ever.

  • Mark♡

    I agree Discord nitro should definitely have a lifetime option plus these boosts are too expensive i don’t understand it many other platforms are completely free and anyone can use anything without paying, we can’t just keep spending money for useless perks, Telegram is free they have no boosts system or premium subscriptions you all have no excuse.

  • Tikepo

    Properly priced lifetime subscriptions are a good business decision for the seller. A disproportionate number of users abandon use of the subscription well before the time a recurring subscription would take to reach that total payment. The handful of people who stay the long haul become loyal advocates providing word of mouth advertising.


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