Be able to combine alt accounts with one login with the option of keeping alts anonymous/hidden


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  • ThatNoobYouFear

    I can personally see a reason as a user for this, although as a server Administrator this would be crazy.

    This is due to how discord handles bans. When a user gets banned from a server it only removes that users, and stops people with the same IP as that person to join the server. This is essentially going to give people a second chance to cause trouble.

    If there was a update with the banning system e.g. if one account with that IP is banned all other associated accounts with that IP removed from the server it could work.

    - LilNoob

  • CaraboChallis

    I've had this exact issue, and having alt accounts are very important to me for personal reasons. Bans could still be tied to the login, and this would further limit the ability of bad actors to scrape user data without giving bad actors the ability to create "useful" alts for spam/etc. I'd love a legitimate way to have alts, i.e. multiple outward-facing identities.

  • Aenima72826

    smh its so annoying, im not breaking discord tos on any of my alts, but just simply having alts signed in makes discord go "oops something is going on here" AND they still haven't given us the ability to separate "assign role" and "create/delete" role permissions. 

  • ThatNoobYouFear

    Yea i only have one other to test permissions,

    Maybe if they made it a dev feature so for you to have a account linked like to the main but still speerate you have to be registered as a developer?

    Lil Noob


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