Allow admin/mods to edit members posts


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  • almostsuspense

    heck no

  • Raevtican

    This used to be standard practice in many old forums, and a lot of Discord servers see use as a fire-and-forget message dump where people might not be available to repeat whatever they said immediately after deletion. People often say a lot of smart stuff and then have that tiny nugget that is against server and/or general guidelines. It would be a shame to delete the entire message, as opposed to just the offending part.

    As such, I'd support this idea - though with two very strict caveats: 1) it would show "Edited by moderator" in big bold letters, and a record of the edit should be available for other mods. 2) it's a separately adjusted by server owner and does NOT come automatically for roles marked as "Administrator".

    Edit: Also Discord servers with a separate channel for server rules would sing hallelujah for the ability to edit rules directly, instead of copy-edit-paste-deleting them.

  • EvilKam

    Had someone post a virus link.  Being server owner, I would prefer the ability to edit their post by deleting the link, and replacing it with a warning.  It lets other people know moderation has occurred, and the poster sees that their conduct was inappropriate.

  • kerrz

    Not quite the same, instead of editing a users post: Define a post as 'shared' just after creating it, so that given roles/ people can edit that same post.

    Check it out and vote:


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