Cursor on screenshare must be shown!


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  • กุชื่อ ดิว

    I thought I was the only one having this problem! Gotta give this thread a nudge it deserves.


    Control panel -> Mouse -> Pointer Option -> (Tick this) Display pointer trials -> Slider (To shortest)

    While it still sucks that your mouse will be doing some weird ninja shadow clone shit, it is still better than no cursor at all.
    Hope this help!

  • Jyorin

    I'm also having this issue. Would be nice to get it fixed.

  • Autumn Wolf

    *Two Thumbs up on this post* Needs attention we don't need a downgrade if it was a feature we always had keep it. Please fix in time.

  • lawen4cer

    Yes. Please add this feature back. Maybe an option in the settings to enable/disable it if it was disabled for performance purposes or whatever. 

  • cordysup

    Please reinstate this feature, thank you

  • Collin_Thegamer

    I need my mouse on screen share with my friend so I can point at things while I show him stuff.

  • Inferno/Lord of Fire

    Yes, please bring back the cursor, or at least make it to where people can choose whether they want to cursor to be shown or not. 

    -Thank You

  • Mitchel

    Omg please bring the cursor back! It's super annoying when I want to show friends things, we even have calls with companies where we would love to show things on screen with the cursor.


    - Thanks in advance

  • Monte

    Please bring back the cursor!

  • MandyTJ

    I need it back.... i teach using screen share, now my students cannot see what i am pointing too..... Bring it back i don't really want to be forced back to skype, but this will do that, if i cannot do my  job properly, or at least give us the option to show it or hide it... like personal preference 

  • timy103

    please please bring this back it should be user preference if you want too show the cursor or not 


    I have had this issue for a long time when having "Use our latest technology to capture your screen" active.

    But now its gone even with it deactivated. But just by pure curiosity I tried activate mouse pointer trails and set it to slowest speed and tI could see the mouse pointer on my own screen share view again. So the problem now is that I hate to have pointer trails on....

    Maybe a Windows created issue, is this working for more than me?

  • Cameron

    Any Truers in chat?

  • Leniaal


  • -ph03n1x-

    same shituation

  • Duma

    This please, could be useful pretty often

  • Call me Jayce

    As someone who uses discord to coach people in online video games, I really need to be able to point things out with my cursor.

  • Fernando

    could this be just a bug? everyone needs the cursor on screen. DISCORD, please, give us the chance to set it's visibility. Thanks in advance.

  • maze

    I need to have a cursor. As a paying subscriber to Nitro, if this isn't resolved in a timely manner I will have to look for an alternative solution. 

  • nearbyplayer

    I opened a support ticket with Discord about this, the person I spoke with said that this was a feature that was recently removed in a recent update and if we "wanted it to make a comeback" a feature request would have to be made.

  • maze

    re: Nearbyplayer

    I was told the same thing, as well needed told to make a comment regarding the cursor because the developers look at the chatter as a metric. 

  • nearbyplayer

    It's unfortunate that a simple thing such as a mouse cursor has been removed when it's present in literally any other screen sharing software.

  • maze

    Re: Nearbyplayer


  • BigBlackMac

    *** WE NEED MOUSE *** otherwise i will switch to other software

  • holyfric

    Agreed, the mouse cursor was extremely useful for trying to help someone install something or anything else of the likes. 

  • Moonraper (Snuff)

    So I just got a new computer and had my cursor on the screen. I tried to move the discord app to a different monitor and accidentally dragged and dropped it near the corner of one of the monitors. This caused the app to take up half of one of the monitors and then my cursor disappeared. It seems that the people in this thread think that this was an intentional change, but to me it seems like a bug. 


    Edit: Windows 10 btw

  • nearbyplayer

    @Moonraper, it is an intentional change, see my earlier posts. I reached out to Discord support as my friends and I thought this was a bug, the support rep I talked with confirmed it was a feature that was removed and if we "wished for it to make a return" we'd need to submit a feature request.

  • Memes

    please bring this back.

  • Adastam

    I coach games for a living with screen share and not having my cursor is greatly affecting my work to the point I'm looking at other apps now. Please bring it back!!!

  • K-ToF

    I can't think of a single reason why not having the cursor on screen is a good idea.

    It's now really hard to talk friends through issues they have with their computers.

    I hope this is a fluke decision, because they broke screenshare for me for a month, I got it back today, and noticed the cursor thing right away when my friend couldn't follow along what i was doing on windows.

    I'm not having high hopes for the future of this app right now.


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