Why can’t I ban certain people?


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  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    If you are an acc which is a high role but not server owner
    Then every1 with same role or higher teir role then they r un touchable

  • Ur Death Note

    i’m the owner of this one group or something, And i cant kick or ban this one single person, I dont know why

  • MattStack36

    I have the same issue, really confused

  • GodotSimp.EXE

    I have the same problem and it sucked cuz im the only admin online and cant ban a troll :|

  • Toxic PuPu

    i have the same problem but wht

    s the reason 


  • Death

    If you have a 2FA requirement for moderation enabled, users will not see the option regardless of their permissions if they do not have 2FA enabled on their account.


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