Any way to control IP bans


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  • Mibogi

    Good idea, because it will help users.

  • Good... Good.

  • kawasaniac

    Ass We Can... Cool

  • Midnight

    Great idea.

  • TIMON_Z1535

    I added an alternative solution as a server settings slider, looking at the obsolescence of IP bans.

  • Lucifergund

    Чтож. Идея неплохая. Автору респект.
    Well. Not bad. Respect.

  • Whiskey

    I fully support words of this topic. This problem exists and needs to be fixed. I ask developers to pay attention to this. Thank you!

  • Gary

    A very good idea!

  • Mrkep

    Yeah... I think it's great idea!

  • CauseOfBSOD

    An excellent idea, I also suggest that there is an option to ban only an ip, ban ip ranges, and also ban only an account, not the associated ip, as iphopping is common, through proxies/Tor/VPN or dynamic ips, as well as people sharing ips in a "double NAT" (ICANN is out of ip addresses), or being proxied by UK ISP's through a limited range of IP addresses on the orders of the Internet Watch Foundation.  As well as this, I would like the option to ban a discord client (to block raiders with less experience but who have multiple accounts).

    [upd] removed a link

    [upd]Autodeleting ipbans after 2 weeks (by default, configurable) would be a good idea, to fix the issue of ip reassignment


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