Friends can't talk when I go live in a server.


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  • RandomZambi

    Having the same problem, is there any fix for this yet?

  • MischiefWaluigi04

    I always have this problem too. No matter what I do, when I go into a stream on VC, my mics just shut off for no reason at all and this happens on all my computers no matter where I am.

  • Truth00

    We are experiencing this right now, but only 2 of the people in the group can't speak, everyone else can. We can hear them when we stop the live stream, but not while they have joined it.

  • ubeube

    hello i'm having the same problem? i'm just trying to play jackbox with friends during this quarantine time :(

  • Themo

    Any updates on this? Seems like go live is way buggier than I thought

  • Eeuwit

    I am having the same problem. There is also a sound that I hear when it mutes the other people. I have looked in the setting and on the internet, but I can't find any solution.

  • Muddykip78

    I'm having this same issue. I am the only one from my group that has this happen to them and am also the only one who uses the web version of discord. I'm using Chrome OS. Maybe it has something to do with the web version?

  • Sven The Surfer

    I had the same problem and fixed it by turning off echo cancellation. maybe try messing with all the settings?

  • Darzok12

    Thanks you @Sven The Surfer this worked for me.


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