What is the point of "Classic" Nitro? There's nothing "Classic" about it.


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  • Lieutenant

    I thought the hole point of Nitro Classic was Nitro without the free games, but now there's no free games? The only difference is one extra boost and a reduced cost for boosts. There was never any replacement or compensation for the fact the discord game store was a complete flop. The only thing we got is an Xbox Game Pass but that's not even available anymore. Nitro is not worth it anymore. Discord reserved all the good features and perks for people who dump huge amounts of money onto server boosts.

  • Chronou

    This is actually a huge let down for me. I decided to support early on after Nitro came out, then I was offered perks to help my server out- the emotes, the boosting. It was a good incentive to keep supporting, even while I study and not earning much money. Now all the reasons I continued to support is being taken away, and they want me to offer more money if I want the same perks I had for being an early supporter.

    Not cool, guys.

    I don't plan on renewing my sub.

  • Помойная Панда🦝

    I signed up for nitro in early 17th year, now it's called classic nitro, I still have animated avatar, custom tag, gif stickers and stickers from all the servers where I am and there were even 2 boosts (included in this classic), but hiking with the latest nitro updates they screwed up and covered up with grandfathered nitro they forced the server boots from classic nitro because hiking they won't be there now.


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