New interface is awful


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  • Peter-André

    I completely agree! This update was completely unnecessary and just made everything worse.

  • Mr. igloo29

    Yea, I agree. Ruzvel's post describes perfectly how the new overlay feels.

  • boo

    Totally. Makes me wanna avoid discord to be honest.

  • Wolfy

    This is my first forum message, I wanna be clear in it.
    New Interface is trash.

    Thanks for your time, I will never buy Nitro again, and I'm gonna use another app.

  • Junuh

    This new UI is terrible.  All messages blend into each other.  And it becomes even WORSE when people screenshot discord messages and paste them.  The whole thing looks like a total mess without those lines.  Bring them back please...

  • Inutsu

    Can't agree more. Please, either revert it to the way it was before or make it optional.

  • Derp

    Whoever thought this new design was better should be drowned in gasoline and burned alive


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