Please revert the UI update


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  • Mantodea

    Yeah not a fan at all its waaaayy too condensed 

  • minejulrbx

    Yeah it's challenging to look troug hchats it's so confusing & annoying to the eyes

  • CosmicRot

    I absolutely can't stand that like they somehow cramped everything together while also making messages sent by the same person more separated. IT feels so disconnected and ugly and makes it hard to read.

    The react bar is the worst part by far, as it's huge and takes up so much space, but everything else, especially how the new blocked messages look.. is just bad... real bad... I really wish I could say something positive or at least be more constructive with saying how much I hate it... but it's just *that* bad

  • TheMarkus1204

    Please Upvote all the other Posts regarding this change, too (And there are quite a few of them), so that the developers know how much we all dislike this new UI.


    For me there are 2 things:

    - New "Active Now" Bar. Activity can be seen in Friends List. No need for that! 

    EDIT: Friends List is again how it should be! In "Online" you only see friends that are actually online!


    - The reaction bar when you hover over messages. Annoying as hell and distracting!


    I am FINE with the rest of the Update! Just these two things needs to be reverted IMHO.


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