This is the worst UI update ever


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  • morrigne

    Please, I hate it, it's so hard to read back through chat logs with emojis everywhere

  • AlphaBravoCheesecake

    Please, you're killing us, a community of thousands, we hate this update, it hurts to look at... REVERT IT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY!!!


  • Kanin_Neko

    Is it me or does the new update feel like a mimic of Messenger's reactions? I don't really like messenger or facebook and I'm pretty sure most people on discord don't even like emojis (heck I usually call them Emotes bc the name itself is dumb).

  • RunningShirtGuy

    The emojis are bad enough but the tint is horrific! I should never be consciously aware of my cursor when I'm not using it. If for some reason you want to keep this update, please, I beg you, please have an option to turn it off!


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