Server Based Avatars / Boost Perks


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  • Not Azrael

    This! All this. I’m not even a paying customer for anything on Discord as of yet but would happily do so if these options became available

  • Andre_601

    I can't see a good benefit of this tbh. It would increase storage used on Discord's end which isn't always a good thing to have.

    And there are already alternatives: Bots and Webhooks. You could have a RP bot that uses a webhook displaying your (nick)name and a custom avatar set to your account to achieve this. I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't already a bot with such features and if not, you could still look for someone willing to do this (or make it yourself if you have the knowledge for it.)

  • Troy

    If anyone else finds this thread, here's the most widely commented- and voted-on request for server-specific avatars (whether for free or as paid features):


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