Notifications are incredibly unreliable.


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  • Billy [pwq]

    Hey Binary


    Dunno if you haven't checked already, but there are 3 ways how notifications may not have been processing in Android, and I'm sure you've done the following but hope to reiterate:

    1. Check your Android OS wide notifications (Settings > Notifications)
    2. Check your Android OS application specific settings (Settings > Apps and notifications > Discord)
    3. Check your Discord App settings for yourself (left menu > select your icon > [app settings] Notifications)
    4. Check your Discord App channel specific settings (join your server > left menu > click the server > [settings] overview

    Hope this helps. I know Android OS also bugs out sometimes, try the following if it doesn't work:

    1. uninstall Discord app
    2. Go to your phone settings
    3. Select Storage > other apps > Discord
    4. Tap "Clear cache" to remove all instances and preferences.
    5. Reinstall discord




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