Awkward positioning of icons in toolbar


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  • EffTeeKay

    Thank you for posting this one brother

  • jecson

    I might have misunderstood your issue......
    Will the following way help ?

    Right click at the taskbar > make sure no checkmark at " Lock the Taskbar "
    Left click at the taskbar and HOLD > drag the taskbar either to the bottom or at the top > let go Hold > lock the taskbar. PrepaidCardStatus

  • Glide

    Hey jecson, it seems you're describing the taskbar in Windows but that's not what I was referring to. I meant the menu inside the actual Discord UI, the same one where the search bar and icons from the pictures are located.

    The problem isn't a user issue; it's just a design decision made by the Discord team of having the icons shift around which I believe is counter-intuitive.


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