server specific profile pictures


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  • Waddle

    Great idea! I use discord for everything and my profile picture doesn't fit all communities. Would be nice with a similar feature for custom status messages!

  • Ant the cucumber

    I also like the idea! The nickname feature is cool since you can have a channel/server related nickname on one server and a game related nickname on another. I follow the Awesome Epic Guys discord server and they are a bit obsessed with cucumbers. I also follow the leveluplifting discord server which is focused around Overwatch. On the leveluplifting server, my nickname is Ant the Sigma main and it would be nice to have a Sigma profile pic for the leveluplifting server but keep the cucumber profile pic for other servers. Also the idea of custom status messages for different servers is another good idea.

  • Troy

    If anyone else finds this thread, here's the most widely commented- and voted-on request for server-specific avatars:


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