Allow the Overlay on the Windows Desktop


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  • QobbAlt

    My friends and I use Discord -A LOT- to chat. The thing is that we don't necessary use it while gaming, but also while watching videos, working or doing other stuff.

    We'd love that feature as well! :)

  • MrGreenz

    i would also love this feature, please add it.

  • JamTarty

    Can't believe this hasn't been upvoted more. Much needed feature for when your watching things in full screen.

  • FatherFreeman

    Please add it! This is really a very useful option and we really need it!!! 😉

  • KingLazer

    Please add this. Then we won't have to rely on the overlay to work for games since not all games are working with the overlay at the moment. If the overlay simply worked on our desktop we could freely move between applications while being on voice chat/ using the pop-up chat.

  • Hen

    I had to buy a second monitor just so I could do this, and it's not even the best. Add this so I can get my £70 back. Also yes, it's good for vcs and bits and pieces (I mainly want my £70 back doe)

  • Bernardo Traad

    I would love this feature also, for playing Role Playing Games on Chrome with overlay on. Please!

  • Rimawi

    I really need this feature, I use discord to teach problem solving at our uni club and I really want to see the name of who is participating while I am screen sharing.

  • Recycled

    Plz do. Chatting while I'm not playing a game, wish I could know when/who's talking. Need this!

  • xRaymanx


    Would love this feature!

  • YEEEEEEEEEES, I use discord to work and that will be so much helpfull.

  • Robert Paul

    This would make my life a lot easier.

  • Mörtschem

    Yes pleasee

  • grok23

    Agreed. It would be a great feature to add. 

  • Artemis Fowl


  • LinkGanonSlayer

    Totally. It would help in doing work and non-game related things with others via Discord and using the music bot if you want to listen to your music in a VC while doing something other than games too.


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