Screen share is ruined?


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  • Bearinator

    I agree.  This update really ruins screen sharing.  The dead space from icons of people that aren't streaming is maddening, and the inverted screen is ridiculous.  I can't see anything without hiding the chat.  Everything about this is bad. :(

  • one normal boy

    yes i agree, because i needed help setting up voice mod because it did not want to work and we cant do it because we cant read backwards.

  • dichedlanre

    Yeah it looks fine for the other person. I guess its just the personal viewer thats inverted. Kinda ass. 


    Yeah this update need to be reverted or have an option to use the old layout. The new UI feels like a step backwards

  • Light-DelaBlue

    its completely stupid! now the screen are so LITTLE! my friend dont straem and get a big white square!! and my previeuw are reversed! wtf discord?!

  • QueenBagel

    I agree as well, I thought I was the only one with my screen inverted and thought my computer was messing up


  • Sapphire

    I really hate this update, I've loved Discord and everything it has added and updated over the years. However, this update is really really terrible. It's ruined screen-sharing completely and made it horrible to use, I really hope it is reverted back to how it used to be. There was nothing wrong with how it was, it was functional, and you could full screen anyone's screen, so you could watch their gameplay etc. very comfortably. But this update makes it horrible to view anything.


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