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  • apple502j

    Discord should also understand the fact that a lot of bot developers are students. Those can't have driver license (obviously) and it's a stupid idea to pay for the passports to make the bot popular, not to travel. Also, those are their TOP SECRET stuff. For example, Japan's Individual Number Card has the user's name, address, gender, birthday, and their picture. If they leaked, they can be abused easily.

    I still can't understand why it exists, but I can guess it's to prevent bots stealing personal information, which is kinda strange because Discord is now stealing it. If so, the workaround is easy: Have guild owners understand that bots can read some information about the members and messages. Also, like INVITE_CREATE event, guild-wide permission for letting them access certain statuses like Read Member Status (that only applies to bots) would be better.

  • collpvp

    I agree!
    I don't see any reason why they need my ID for a bot to work.
    There are many other ways to verify.

  • Horsehair Vase

    I cannot begin to sum up how completely ridiculous this requirement is. I've gotten jobs with less verification than this. I honestly think the reasons this requirement is so monumentally dense are obvious so I'll just say this. Lift the server limit. If you want a way for people to see 'trusted' bots (What is ID verification going to do to combat bad actors?) then fine, however people rightfully unwilling to give their ID to Discord or a 3rd party should not be punished for this perfectly reasonable take

  • Koooookey

    I accept. Your passport has a lot of personal information. There is no need for Discord to obtain and authenticate personal information. If you want to do that, there should be other means. For example, email, phone, etc. Issuing a passport also costs money. What do people without money do? I don't care if you really want to do it. From Discord I will disappear. And because it is the same for all, those people will also disappear. In other words, what you are doing is unavoidable. from japan.

  • Kaylynn

    Setting my bias against all the other recent (and utterly nonsensical) API changes aside, excuse me? You... you realize how out-of-touch, over-the-top and completely inane this is, right? Removing bad actors and abuse does not require my passport and legal name. You collect - and store - enough data from me (and the wider community) as it is, discord. You don't need any more, let alone for the purpose of bot verification. You could have handled this a much better way - not enforcing the guild cap is one. Make verification an endorsement of quality (like, y'know, how every other website does it) - not a requirement for bots to thrive. You're shooting yourself in the foot and claiming it makes you beautiful. That ain't how it works, buckaroo.

    P.S: Your help article has typos in it.

  • Awayy

    I agree with Apple502J, I am a student, who does not have a drivers licenses or any form of government issued ID that does not contain sensitive information. The only form of government ID I have is my ssn card and I do not feel comfortable at all giving that over to a third party company to "verify" my info. This is absolutely ridiculous, as said above, there are many other forms of verification they could've used such as email, phone number, etc. Discord please change this. I don't see a purpose in asking for government ID to verify a BOT. Most of these devs are TEENS/STUDENTS who do not have access to these IDS. You're alienating a large group of programmers with this change. Please use another form of verification.

  • Gugu72

    Same for me. I am a student and I make bots. I already have a custom private bot so there is no problem for it, but if I want to make another bot and verify it, I won't be able to give my ID. There is some much others better way to pass a verification: phone, google, get a verified discord account...

  • A5ho9999

    @Hope and what's to stop people stealing other peoples identity? That is always a possibility. Like I mentioned doing what Google does is ALOT smarter and they are much bigger business and handle a lot more money and data. They don't require ID. Making anything that requires you provide ID is not a good way to go. This Method was clearly just not thought through as it does NOT stop scam bots. It might limit them a tiny amount but does nothing to stop the actual issue but instead just hurts REAL bot developers who have respect for their own privacy.

  • SpiderBro

    I would like to help Summarize the Points made so far:

    Against Bot Verification:

    •  Many of the Devs are students and under 18. So it is not possible to give their ID
    •  Issue of Privacy because Discord is asking for some very sensitive information which people see as a Breach of Privacy
    •  Even though this is for prevention of Scam Bots, this is not an effective method since the bots can make self-bots
    •  Inconvienient and Awkward for People to do
    •  People under 18 have problems with giving their IDs to Discord because they don't have many available IDs and the Ones present are either not sufficient for Discord or too sensitive to disclose
    •  Big Companies like Google don't require IDs but they are really safe
    • It does a Tiny amount to prevent Scam bots but hurts Under 18 Bot devs the Most

    For Bot Verification:

    •  People should be responsible for their own work
    •  Every bot is like its Own Company so people should be verified for that
    •  E-Mails and Phones can be easily faked but ID cannot be faked
    •  It prevents the Anonymity of Fake Bot Owners and saves people from harassment

    So these are the Points.

    Now let's think neutrally and consider the points (A Task up to the Readers of this Message)


    #OPINION (If you don't Wanna Know my Opinion, Don't Scroll Down)

    I personally think the Points made by both of the Sides are Valid ones. But, if we consider carefully, we can see the plight of the Young Devs.

    They are the Ones most excited, most enthusiastic, most eager about Discord.

    If ever Discord does an Age Check, apart from finding lots of TOS Breakers they'll find a large store of Teen Labour, coding New Bots trying to make Discord a better and more fun place for others and Implement the Things they wanted.

    With the ID Verification, a huge amount of this Labour is getting restricted, they are getting demotivated and Discord is losing those new chain of Bots some of which could have made a Better and more fun version of it.

    So I would make an appeal to Discord to change this system and instead make it so that people can't easily fake E-Mail Verification (by making Accounts from Spam E-Mails) or Phone Verification, check the submission for Bot and check it's code to ascertain that the bot is a Spam Bot or Not.

    Whoa I think I typed a Bit Too Much

  • ImRock

    Hi ByteAlex, i asked support about that issue as i currently don't have ID card or similar and all they said is to use stripe with my ID so at the moment either the support is misinformed or this is not true :)

  • ⭒☽ Jinx ☾⭒

    This is a complete breach of privacy and should never be required.

  • apple502j

    Discord bots are NOT companies - companies handle a lot of money, and discord bots usually not.

  • Pigpog

    I can get a badge on my profile?? Time to grab my wallet!!

    Just kidding. I'd rather lose my entire account than give them my legal identity. It'd be less work for me to not host a bot. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if discord eventually turns my bot's functionality into a built-in feature some day without crediting me. Maybe they'd make it nitro exclusive.

    Seems ironic they want to "embrace" their bot developers by holding the fruit of their labour ransom. I've been hosting and updating this bot for years, and now i'm considering ditching the project, and possibly the platform. I'm holding out for the possibility that they (hopefully) change their minds about requiring ID.

    PS: I would also not be willing to give a phone number, or my address, or my mom's maiden credit card number.

  • apple502j

    @ByteAlex The "help"article  does NOT mention about the photo ID thing at all, and the "blog" only said:

      If you are unable to provide this, please reach out to our support.


    This does not mean "additional ways to identify myself".

    If they wanted to stop malicious bots from stealing information, then my suggestion is way better. There are many other ways that are way better than giving them my passport.

  • Rexowogamer

    I get the need for verification, and if it was for something like selling a game on Discord then sure. But for *verifying a bot*, which is **required to have more than 100 servers**?! If it was optional (ie there was no server cap) then it’d be fine, but 100 servers isn’t much so you basically have to give them your identity. My god Discord, I’ve put up with (and even liked) the updates others hate but this is just too far. Use phone or something, like you would TFA.


    Absolutely right. I am a 13 year old python programmer and I'm not giving away my I'd. _.

  • KabanFriends

    I'm also a 16-year-old student and I'm developing a bot. My bot has grown very well and the bot is already in more than 100 servers. I don't want to stop my bot from growing, but Discord is basically stopping my bot from growing any further.

    I'm from Japan, and as a Japanese student, I really can't do anything about this because I have nothing I can use to verify myself. I tried to use my student card, which contains all my important informations, but I was told that even a student card can't be used for a verification.

    Those types of valid information data are so limited that non-adults can't do anything against it. Were Discord bots meant to be developed by adults in the first place? Please say no to that. Many non-adults love coding.

  • Ceapa

    This isnt fair.

    I am a 15 year old programmer, and this is how things are?

    What is this? Am I going to another country? No, im just getting a bot verified.

    There has to be other ways, my student id dosent work. What about phone/email?

    I know this is to prevent spam, but on the other hand this is discord bots. This isnt some big company, or stuff like that. Its just a small application with some code.

    If they keep this restriction, they lost a bot developer. 

    Please dont say that you have to be 18+ to code bots. I want to be a early programmer. I studied so much, and yet discord just HAS to ruin it. I dropped money and a LOT OF TIME. DISCORD, PLEASE REMOVE THIS RESTRICTION.

  • apple502j

    A lot of scam bots usually use a lot of self-bots; this is ineffective against those.

  • SovereignBeak

    It's absolutely ridiculous to require bot developers to provide such sensitive information just to have the very arbitrary limit of 100 servers removed. It doesn't make any sense from a business perspective since it's driving developers away from the Discord platform. I think verifying through SMS is enough for bot verification. If a malicious bot is in say 20000 servers moderators should be dealing with it anyway.

  • Dendy

    I agree. People under -18 don’t have a passport or maybe developer license. And giving your personal informations for a bot is very dumb

  • tasdidtahsin

    Discord lets users to use spam emails to make accounts. How bot verification can help in that place?


  • shuu_9025

    I agree.
    I don't have a passport or any available ID.
    Most Bot developers are probably students, and some learn programming (or various other things) through Bot development.
    In my case, I learned Python through Bot development.
    And the growth of Bot has been the motivation for many Bot developers.
    Would you please stop hindering these?

    I don't think bot verification is "wrong" as a means to eliminate scam or dangerous bots.
    But I also think bot validation is "not right" because it makes many developers (especially students) sad.

    Here are some of my suggestions:

    1. Remove the API restrictions on non-verified bots.
    2. Make the owner and team members of the bot public. This will make it clear to users "who can manage this Bot".
    3. Allow mobile phone verification if suggestion #1 is not accepted. Many students do not have passports, whereas many students have mobile phones.

    Translated with DeepL (jp to en).

  • Permanently deleted user

    Also it is discrimination against people who can not pay for it

  • Vrezmo

    I wasn't aware of this problem until neko chan was made no longer available to join discord servers, discord is taking itself too seriously here. I understand both sides of the argument but ID verification is way too far. Anyone else feel like discord is building a more questionable rep?

  • senpai's loyal yandere

    I agree this is stupid neko chan was an awesome bot

  • Dickscord

    this is absolutely useless, it's equivalent to asking for a passport and other information when you get to 100 subscribers on youtube, discord please fix this I'm only 13 ffs 

    and my parents think discord is a cult so theres NO WAY they're ever gonna do this for a discord bot

  • Permanently deleted user

    Why dose discord not just add a report as spam button for users

  • Gill Bates

    How is this fair

    Are you trying to kill of your platform? I am under 18, and I cannot provide any ID to you. Why do you have to do this, even as a spam prevention method? How is this acceptable. I have to provide my ID like I am travelling to another country? I'm surprised you even dared do this. I used to like Discord and it's policies, but now you made me hate you. My bot cannot surpass 100 servers because of your stupid ID verification requirement. Why do I need to provide my ID as if I am a company? At least provide reasonable alternatives. I know you probably will not see this comment, but if you do, PLEASE consider all the young people under 18, who spent their own time and money just to be stopped by a stupid system.

  • OF3K

    I agree!


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