Please revert the screenshare UI back


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  • keepitloki

    I agree with this. 

    I screen share and type on chats all the time with group calls. 
    This ain't convenient nor cool. 
    Please revert it back. It was so much better and pleasing to the eye.
    Either that or have the option to have it focused on one person like last time.

  • Feltavbar

    I've already complained about that. After I deleted my formal account due to a virus and I created a new one, this new one has since always a bottom participants videos/avatars when a screen is being shared by someone.

    Before, the participants were at left side not at bottom.

    It's terrible!

  • Feltavbar

    Plus I just saw that "propaganda" at Discord's website:


    Oh My God! Please. Revert!!!!


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