Ability to disable channel drag and drop


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  • Emily

    Ask the server owner to remove your channel permissions when you do not need them.

  • Aurelian Spodarec

    Emily, that's not a solution. What if the person is the server owner? I drag my channels unintentionally at times, and so do other people I know do this.


    Its not hard to code a toggle button to disable drag and drop. They should just do it. Other apps have it, it'll be a good idea if they follow though. 


    You can't take yourself rights away to drag and drop. Unless you create an alt account...

  • OJ

    For me this is an accessibility issue; I have a tremor that makes not dragging and dropping things difficult.

  • Poobslag

    It's not an accessibility issue, it's an everybody issue.

    Discord's current UI design is that there is an invisible 3-pixel wide scrollbar which people click and drag dozens of of times a day. If you click one of those 3 pixels, the scrollbar appears and becomes draggable, but if you miss then Discord rearranges your channels randomly. There is no auditing of the change. There is no  way to undo it. The only recourse is to notify your users, "Sorry, I moved something somewhere! Please help me find what moved, so I can move it back."

    Rearranging channels should be a deliberate act.


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