Turn off Video Call in general chat rooms.


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  • ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ

    I agree with this completely. If anyone in a voice-chat uses the video option there is no way to opt out of overlay covering a portion of the server, forcing me to move the box around to click members of change channels if it is in the way. There needs to be a way to simply close the video overlay.

  • Kroompet

    There should be a way to close off the video overlay, as it covers my text channels.
    Nothing fancy.

  • 魚丸◎蕾娜

    Agree, the video overlay is annoying and cannot be closed.

    And I hope there's a way to stop watching it, like screen sharing.

  • sourav1230

    There is a very tedious way to go about this.... just right-click on each and every participant, and then disable their video. This will remove the pop-up, with the downside of NOT BEING ABLE TO ALSO SEE THEM IF YOU WANT. PLEASE FIX DISCORD <3. 


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