Embeds for .txt and .docx files


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  • mellodoot

    People mentioned to me that if a file is really large, the embedded text would just flood the screen. Making the embed scrollable would solve this problem.

    Another point someone mentioned is that documents with many pages worth of information would be unwieldly, potentially impacting performance. If a file exceeds a certain filesize, it might be more reasonable to just download it at that point. This suggestion is meant more for smaller text files, but if there were a way to make this embed more compatible with such situations, that would be fantastic.

  • Nerjal Nosk

    I do support, besides .docx extension is under Microsoft's license, though it won't be so easy, and also such files can contain images.
    I think It'd be better to have it for full text only, and also only for restricted sizes (Kind of 1Mb max)


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