our community manager's unjustified ban


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  • duvid.

    עדן אתה קצת חתיך

  • ximudix2

    עדן אתה אוהב קציצות ?

  • Its SigroN

    Please unban him! he did noting!

  • N0TR0

    וואו אני בשוק אתם באמת צריכים לעבוד על האבטחה של הסיסמאות

    כי אני באמת לא רוצה צרות

  • Matan

    unban him! he did noting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@ OMG!!

  • m.d.viper

    לא מגיע לבחור באן.. רימו אותו ומישהו מנסה להרוס לו תחיים .. תעזרו לו

    he doesnt deseve to get banned.. he got cheeted and some one trying to destroy his life.. pls help him

  • N0TR0

    unban him


  • DrDre

    Please unban my friend.
    He did nothing wrong.

  • ShaharTheBoss

    Unban Essver!

  • drori

    I personally bought the 6$ tier in patron and it was a one time payment unlike what he said where you need to pay per month. I bought it and in about a minute i got the role i was supposed to give access to and even after i canceled it and contacted him he was very nice an reassuring. My point is unban him, He spent thousands of dollars on this projects just to get screwed by this guy

  • James.Enable

    Pls unban him now




  • ✫ Beatrice

    Hello there,

    I'm so sorry to hear that. However, you cannot get support here, you can send your support ticket to the Trust & Safety team at https://dis.gd/contact.

    Or you can directly contact abuse@discordapp.com via e-mail

    Best wishes,

  • TalCav3Man

    זה באמת פיגור שדיסקורד עשו את זה

  • HyperKnight

    Hey, you can send your support ticket to the Trust & Safety team at https://dis.gd/contact.

    Or you can directly contact abuse@discordapp.com via e-mail

    Is so sad to hear that...

  • Matan

    He is developing a game server for a really big community, and one programmer decided to destroy it !! The whole project in one day.
    And make him suffer! .
    Essver a good man with a gold heart
    Please unban Essver!

  • Nifty




  • Cafe


  • MurA

    XxXxWeebXxXx#4564 share, leak personal information of many players of that game, without any agreement.

  • Shahar_Volkov

    The ban was completly unjustified, he scripted tons of bots to do one thing and to report this man for scamming.

    The fact that he was scammed himself makes it completly unjustufied.

  • Walter

    Imagine scripting bots and getting keys for few hours just to ban someone lol.

  • CarlosMatos

    Essver released a private server from a game called MapleStory.


    Essver clearly does not represent Nexon at all, yet he went ahead and made a public server knowing that the he had stolen assets and files from the game without Nexons permission and made it into a public server, he also scammed alot of people into working for him and then charged back the money on paypal.

    The account breach is Essvers problem since his passwords are stored in a MD5 format which is well known to be easy to decrypt, Essver staff deliberately changed the users password encryption from Bcrypt (which is stronger) to MD5 just to have a password pot to steal from people afterwards.

    As far as i am concerned MapleStory private servers are still illegal and Nexon is shutting down servers till this date.

    If you ask me both parties are at wrong here but Essver is the one that did the most intelectual damage here, hosting a MapleStory v92 private server with over 1k players.

    Discord representatives, if you are reading this, do the right thing and shut down anything that has to do with Esssver and MapleLand (the maplestory private server he is hosting), he is also a public figure on Youtube which baffles me how someone with so much exposure goes ahead and represents an illegal private server.

  • Legend

    If they shutdown this server they will have to shutdown any other discord server involved with maplestory emulators. Stop talking nonsense.

  • israel017


  • Shahar_Volkov

    CarlosMatos, look, the thing is if Nexon doesn't even recognize israel, then therfore making it not illegal. If Nexon recognized israel it would be illegal and he wouldn't be doing this. The scamming is not true, he doesn't want someone to be doing work for free. And a youtuber would nothing illegal.

  • Tynox

    @CarlosMatos, that's why MapleLegends are Discord official partner, right?

  • senior

    He literally did nothing. we all know that and we also were with him all this time, all this journey about his life and what, when and how ppl scammed him.

    unban him pls he did NOTHING

  • NgR {Mythra_Blade}

    Please unban him he's working really hard on the game

  • Avishay


  • Kapeet

    unban my boy


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