Skype in Contrast to Discord regarding some features


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  • yaboired

    Active Now has been a feature for a while. Ads are not and have not been a part of it, though -- it just shows you what your online friends are doing. If you're seeing ads in the Discord client you've got adware.

  • TheMarkus1204

    Don't worry, I do not see Ads in either Desktop or Webversion. This post was meant to be a comparison between Discord and Skype regarding that sidebar to the right. In Skype it was used mainly to display ads. Since I have not used Skype for a while I don't know if it was used for something else as well.

    In Discord we now have this Active Now Sidebar, which is - in my opinion - totally unnecessary and takes up space that could be used better! Since you can see what your friends are doing and for how long they are doing it, you have the possibility to stalk people just by looking on said list especially since Invisible Users are shown there as well! I REALLY Hope the devs come to their senses and remove that - sry. shitty - Sidebar with future updates!


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