Death and Justice: Seattle CHOP


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  • timic83

    They don't care anymore. Dogma outranks death

  • Psycros

    A growing number of blacks are waking up and realizing what this whole thing is really about.  Its about white liberals using blacks to institute fascism, because blacks can always play the race card.  Hell, we're way beyond that point now - we're literally being told by most of corporate America and the media that blacks are untouchable.  They can't be charged with crimes, criticized or held accountable for long as they toe the party line, that is.  Look at what Biden said about how if you're black and you don't vote for him you're not really black.  The leaders of BLM are saying the same thing.  We're already starting to see "white flight" from the Democrat party and I suspect that before long we'll see a lot of Americans of primarily African descent fleeing as well.  Right now only the most conservative Republicans are daring to call out BLM for what it is: a hate group.  But honestly, the US needs a viable third party badly.  The majority of Republican lawmakers will always side with big business even when its not the in best interests of most Americans.  The Democrats have become a one-trick pony that only knows how to play the victim card.  Their entire business now is creating more protected classes in order to get votes.  Something has to give.

  • Cornerstone

    Psycros said: "Something has to give."

    And that something will be them. Anarchists who genuinely want to make America descend into a civil war must not be allowed to get what they want. They are baiting right now, very hard, to try and get normal everyday citizens to become fed up and take the law into their own hands. Once people start doing that, you just made the job of the police twice as difficult. The National Guard comes in and what's the scenario then, they don't know who the bad people are? Do not get baited into lawlessness by those who want to destroy our country. Stand strong, and show the world that you are better than them.


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