Discord Verified Bot Developer Hoodie


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  • Ally 🌠

    Being fair, it's very easy to reach the bot verification requirement. Maybe there should be a (higher) minimum server requirement to be able to get the hoodie, like 1000-5000 servers or something like that.

  • Miko

    yes do it so i can look cool with my Discord:trademark: VERIFIED bot developer hoodie shirt set when i get the badge

  • Ceapa

    I agree. Maybe not 75 servers and you get the hoodie, but id say around like 1000 servers.

  • Chiqui

    Yes! Great idea, probably 75 servers is too small to grant this hoodie, but figures like 750-1000 I think would be better

  • LamkasDev


  • purpzie

    Considering the amount of bots on discord, this might be too much tbh. Plus there'd be a ton of people going like "i'm an official discord developer" to trick people (obviously if someone knows enough they wouldn't fall for it, but you'd be surprised)

  • SomeOrdinaryHuman

    While I think this would be cool, discord has discontinued the badge bc of abuse, I think putting in a hoodie would result in further abuse.


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