Web3 Integration w/ Discord


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  • iProgramInCpp

    nfts are stupid

  • jpm120

    Grape can verify NFT for channel access. https://grapes.network/

  • Bitclapp

    Is there a grape.network for Ethereum as well?

  • River

    nfts use way too much energy. its reallly not sustainable in its current state.
    also most nfts are ugly

  • Archedas

    This and NFTs as a whole are a terrible idea if Discord wants to continue operating without intervention from government agencies when they inevitably becoming exceedingly regulated. Do not support NFTs in any official capacity or support creators/games operating primarily based on blockchain.

  • jaxon boozer

    this has to be ironic. ain't no way.

  • hailthefish

    Terrible idea.

  • ambus

    if nfts become a part of discord everyone should chargeback nitro

  • Book

    Discord owners have seen the huge cash cow that are NFTs for the owners of the pyramid schemes and they want in on it.
    This move is incredibly destructive for the environment and will expose to what is basically gambling a huge community of young people.
    This is truly evil shit.

  • Draco18s

    If NFTs in discord has you that excited that you can't sleep, you should seek professional help. That's not normal.

  • Meshelle

    Discord...how about a REAL survey.  Something like - Should Discord use NFTs?  or Will you leave Discord if we use NFTs?  Cause...I guarantee you those will be FAR more enlightening for you.

  • Izax

    NFT more like no f*cking thanks

  • Meshelle

    I agree completely

  • McJohnson

    You want some feedback? I'll give you some feedback: F**k NFTs.

  • leggystarscream

    Given the number of high-profile exit scams pulled by so-called NFT creators, I'm not sure why any platform wants to support a technology that seems to only exist to scam vulnerable users.

    NFTs are not the future, they're simply a giant bubble created by con artists who just want to make a quick buck.

  • Pizzaface

    Nobody asked for this.

    Please spend your time working on features to make you competitive within a business environment.

  • doodlemancy

    your fake money is worse than useless

  • fish

    nfts are bullshit

  • KaraHops

    I don't need my gamer chat app to implement money laundering technology, thanks.

  • einso

    if you do this, so many people will look for a new platform. but im sure it makes more money overall, so if yall wanna chase that bag instead, you know where not to find us

  • scenefux

    launder money elsewhere or better yet just Don't, Actually! NFTs are stupid as shit and apparently so are you & your team for wasting resources on it

  • Milymentalist

    Please do not listen to the minority that wants into this. Your userbase will absolutely hate you and the chatting software you've worked so hard to make will become shunned by practically everyone. I will not support any company that takes part of environmental destruction.

  • Vyria

    I just canceled my Nitro sub purely on the basis that the CEO was tweeting about integrating NFTs. I'll only re up the sub if they do not do this. 

    NFTs are horrible, monstrous, and have no place on any platform whatsoever. 

  • neongrey

    NFTs in particular hinge on particularly environmentally destructive technology. This is a grift that has tremendous negative impact on the world as a whole. Please do not implement or integrate such technologies.

  • demonspices

    no one with a good moral compass likes nfts

  • jpm120

    This activity is hilarious.. why does anyone care? Is this some kind of advocacy for "play to not-earn" games? ie, you have a preference to give your money to a gaming company rather than create an economy for the players?

    There is a *massive* wave of play-to-earn games coming through the pipeline due to the tech of NFTs. Be a late adaptor if you want, but every game you play is going to have a "play-to-earn" equivalent powered by NFTs.


  • Sustainna

    Cancelled my nitro sub. Feeling good.

  • Lrunk

    get a life you insufferable nerd

  • PetSoftThings

    If Discord adds NFT support, I'll cancel my Nitro sub, full stop. 

  • Flannel

    NFTs are murdering our planet. Do not add NFT support.


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