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  • zedlight

    Whats going on? all iranian users are shocked
    why are ya doing this? aren't we humans? i don't think so
    we lost access to everything

    like, everything, and discord is gonna be next,
    please count us as humans, we are the same as ya, humans
    but i don't think ya even give a shit
    we are always losing access to everything
    our economy is dead
    our only fun was discord
    and now, you are taking it from us
    please don't to this to us, please
    regards, iranian people
    (vote to save us, it only takes a few minutes)

  • Laya

    I am Iranian
    In fact, it is our government that does all those terrible things
    We do not support the government and have nothing to do with them

    It is not fair to punish us for what we did not do
    We love discord
  • ali1378ahar

    Please do not boycott us ❤

  • PaPaArad

    I agree with him Let us use the app 

  • - ʍʍƉ ❥

    we are not terrorist
    pls dont ban us :"|

  • (Arianator)

    Yes, please don't ban us from discord, we are not terrorists 😔

  • AliVen

    I don't know why other countries just annoying the iranan - persain people for their damn shit government
    We, iranian people have a tons of problems
    I'm using discord for over 2-3 years and im music producer and programmer
    I made a community in discord, if you ban discors for us, i'll lost my rest life for being iranian
    Tch- this world is real cruel

    I hope you reject this piece of nothing
    Every country just trying to ban us from everything
    We iranian want to be free too, for god sake, please stop, don't judge persian people
    We hate the goverment of iran too

    I found the real happiness from my discord friends
    It's your choice at all
    Be success

  • mahan karimi

    please don't ban iranian user


  • cry all you want
    vpn goes brrrrrrrr

  • Navid

    Please don't ban Iran because all Iranians use Discord and if you ban Iranians, we will get into trouble.


  • Ali Zem 4

    Pls don't ban Iranian users and only family

  • ! game_devil

    yes, I accept that iranian's GOVERMENT  are terrorrists, but if u ban discord for us, the goverment wont loss anything, thats the poor iranian people who will lose one of their limited funs

    please do not do this

  • ehsan__d_m

    please dont ban iran 

  • Mahdi_Ace

    We aren't terrorists, Please don't ban Iran..


  • ! SCAR


  • MMRT

    Why would you want to ban iranian users discord ? did we kill someone or somthing ?????


    Please don't ban iranian people 🥺

  • Nourian

    please don't ban iranian user

    I am user of discord for 6 years this is not fair to just delete our accounts and go away, leaving your old members 


    We are not terrorist :(

  • bluestarr4

    Our only entertainment on this day was that we had fun and played in discord with our friends
    So do not do this

  • Ali Azizabadi

    Please do not ban Iran, we are humans too, we must communicate with others too, we are not bad

    Please do not ban us

  • Sahand baharmast

    Please dont ban iranian i am iranian not terorist 😔😔

  • ᴅɪᴄᴛᴀᴛᴏʀ

    Pls don't ban iranian user

  • Amir Ghost

    How much do you limit us? How long is the New World limited?

    First filtering, then restricting updates, now what?

    Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

    We are Iranians, we are not terrorists, we are human beings, we are not laboratory mice, we are human beings, we are not slaves, we are human beings, and that's all

  • ! MONTANA ᴿᴶ

    Please don't ban Iranians

  • UmayKamaboko

    Hi , I'm an iranian and im confused about Discord's new announcement  , We Are Not Terrorists !

    As an iranian , Im really sad because this . We are humans , We Don't Kill People ! We Live in Our Country and that wasn't our Choice ! 

    Please Don't Ban Us , We are limited from lot of applications such as Facebook , Twitter , Telegram and more And You are saying discord is going to be Next ?

    Please don't do this to us . 
    Thanks !


  • shahab techio

    what's the point
    it that make war end?
    or if Iranian use discord app can use for sending a bomb picture to someone?
    oh yes I forgot 
    we need to buy nitro first 
    you guys forgot discord is for games and gamers

  • Amir.

    We did not do anything wrong to be banned, think about it, the Iranian people have nothing to do with supporting the terrorists, it is the governments that do this, why should the people be punished?

  • ali

    dont ban irannian user please 

  • Pls don't ban iranian user

  • Nobodyᵂᴺᴴ

    I agree with him
    We are not a terrorist
    today everyone have friends that they are communicating in discord
    this include iranians as well
    so you will take all of someone friends
    Please do not do this


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