Go Live Notification spam


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  • Keraejis

    I'd like to add that this just popped up on my screen while about to enter a game, glad I didn't yet, and blocked my view. Not only that but my mouse lights up the links but the links don't work (X for exit or Cancel or Go Live!). Not only that again but my clicks affect behind the overlay where my view is blocked. I can see no way to get passed this overlay to play the game so having to close the game completely to get rid of it. Huge bug here.

    Update: Actually just had to close out of Discord completely making it unusable playing this game.

  • Emerald Cooksey

    I am having the same problems; this overlay is in the way, and I can't play the game properly until it disappears. It just started. Help desk said they can't turn it off. what a design flaw!


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