Emoji Picker for mobile Ukończone
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Allow me to use custom emojis Ukończone
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Change the way NSFW channels are labeled to icons. Example attached. Ukończone
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Kick/Ban Reasons on Mobile Ukończone
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Mobile indicator on mobile Ukończone
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Option To Turn Off Horizontal Scroll On Code Blocks Ukończone
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Stickers System Ukończone
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Preview link improvement Ukończone
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Push to Mute button Ukończone
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Make Pin Messages a separate permission to Manage Messages Ukończone
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Remove Skype integration from Discord Ukończone
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Tag Notification Red Thing Ukończone
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Allow Mobile Users to Delete Account Ukończone
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Gifting Games Ukończone
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Twemoji 11.2 Ukończone
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Allow for WAAAY more emojis somehow, even if it's behind Nitro or Nitro Classic Ukończone
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Mention bar Ukończone
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[Discord Nitro] Make GIF autoplay Ukończone
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Allow me to use custom emojis Ukończone
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Add a friend's list Ukończone
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Add an Emojis list Ukończone
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Emote Button for iOS Ukończone
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Suggestion, A way to suppress role-pings. Ukończone
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Make it possible for you to move channels on mobile. Ukończone
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Copy Name, Tag button Ukończone
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!submit accessibility feedback Ukończone
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Make white mode affect the channel drawer Ukończone
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add a GIF selector keybind like with emoji tab Ukończone
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