Show an indication in the voice channel that a user is currently live. Ukończone
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!!! Switch Between Multiple Accounts Enhancement Ukończone
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Custom Join Sounds/Leave sounds Ukończone
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Allow me to transfer server ownership Ukończone
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Add support for webauthn authentication, Yubikeys and the like Ukończone
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Voice message function like in whatsapp Ukończone
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Video call and screenshare at the same time Ukończone
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Viewing ban reasons on mobile Ukończone
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Soundboard on mobile Ukończone
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[Suggestion] Voice Messaging Feature Ukończone
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Embedded MP3 Support Ukończone
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Testing mic in the settings Ukończone
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Disable image compression Ukończone
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We want regional nitro prices! Ukończone
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Show a timestamp for each individual message Ukończone
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Mobile Image Spoiler Option Ukończone
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Discord on Apple M1 Devices Ukończone
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Paste Issues (Desktop) Ukończone
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Sound during screenshare on mac Ukończone
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Allow me to adjust the font size Ukończone
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Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen Ukończone
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Avatars by server Ukończone
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Mac ShareScreen Ukończone
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Can you add screen sharing to mobile? Ukończone
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New Feature request to support live streaming from macs Ukończone
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make screenshare audio available for mac Ukończone
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Quoting Ukończone
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Group Live Stream Ukończone
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Quick Reply on iOS Banner Ukończone
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Replying to a message, making it easier to follow a conversation Ukończone
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