Tell you what you we're banned for on mobile Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Buy Nitro With Google Play Credit Udzielono odpowiedzi
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discord nitro on libile Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Force Touch on iOS
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Let mobile discord go idle instead of auto invisible/offline!
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Screen share for mobile! Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Mention user by touching their profile picture.
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Unique notification tones for Discord app
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Change “Jump to Chat” to “Jump to Message” Ukończone
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No "Careful — you have unsaved changes!" on mobile devices!
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Images on mobile are too small.
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no escucho los /tts y la musica que pone el bot Udzielono odpowiedzi
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"[USERNAME] is typing..." after they send a message. Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Can't download images on Android Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Games Udzielono odpowiedzi
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more functions for mobile phones
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more functions for mobile phones Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Change Volume of Individual Users in Group Calls on Mobile IOS only
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Discord call on mobilde ringing duration
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Notification Noises for Different Servers - iOS/Android
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Images in Notifications (apple)
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Emoji Picker for mobile Ukończone
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Audit logs on mobile Ukończone
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Add custom emoji on IOS/Android Ukończone
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Mobile custom rolecolors Ukończone
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Nitro for Mobile Ukończone
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Kick/Ban Reasons on Mobile Ukończone
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Custom colours on mobile Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Emote Button for iOS Ukończone
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change font size mobile app Ukończone
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