Option for Discord Mobile’s Old UI Design to be back (with the same navigations)
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Hide all users game activity in direct message menu! (Mobile and Android)
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Phone screen timing out while on video call on mobile
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최근 변경된 모바일 디스코드는 별로에요
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I Hate The New Update
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New Message/Notification Layout is Dumb
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In-app browser unavailable
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Switching accounts on Mobile
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Add a ''Sounds'' menu on Mobile App, like on desktop
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+1(909) 340-9227 How to Activate Cash App Card by Phone?
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Make server banner design consistent across PC and Mobile
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Gcash Payment
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Server emojis not showing in mobile app (iOS)
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"Explore Discoverable Servers" feature on Mobile App
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Please consider bringing the unused old "experimental" mobile ui
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Edited videos sent from iOS only uploading to Discord in their unchanged/raw state.
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Gate io Referans Kodu: "3930511" (2024 Haziran)
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Download Status When Saving Video
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Enter to send option for mobile?
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Please move the messages button back to the bottom navigation menu!
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No se escuchan las transmisiones en la aplicación de movil
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New UX Issues
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Let mobile discord go idle instead of auto invisible/offline!
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**Feedback on Menu Prices
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Search feature
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Galaxy Fold 4 new UI
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