Overlay isn't working Udzielono odpowiedzi
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add overlay for Destiny 2
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Sever Icons And User Photos Not Loading Udzielono odpowiedzi
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See Cam of Partner ingame or move it freely on the monitor at topmost
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Overlay Fitting Perfectly Into The Corner
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Overlay Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Channel specific unread omitting
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overlay doesnt understand cyrillic Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Live stream directly to discord
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(Mac) Keeps loading up nothing but a grey screen! Udzielono odpowiedzi
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streaming with youtube Udzielono odpowiedzi
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You're game is too tiny! Udzielono odpowiedzi
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I cant report a bug in the discord overlay Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Turning off overlay Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Allow sharing pictures within Discord Overlay while in-game
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Pinned chat overlay color problem Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Overlay not working correctly on Garry's Mod Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Overlay suggestion
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Discord Overlay in FiveM Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Overlay for 4k resolution
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Let the [ESC] button close the overlay right away
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Allow members in overlay to be arranged, client-side, for personal organization.
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Able to "add" roles that you shouldn't when looking in overlay
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Overlay in Warframe - NO Mouse Cursor - ANNOYING!! Udzielono odpowiedzi
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Overlay for Linux
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Show server-members/status in overlay too
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Overlay Tooltips remain visible when hiding overlay!
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Joue à
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