Program window and hibernation
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Bot Partnership Program: Custom Discriminator for Bots
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Moving multiple people at once
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Videos in Rich Embeds
151 głosy 46 komentarze
Rich Presence for bot accounts
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Please port a desktop app for the chromebook
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Word Filter
18 głosy 3 komentarze
Clickable Emojis?
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Will Discord Early Verified Bot Developer Badge Come Back ??
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Verified bot change name
7 głosy 4 komentarze
Discord's "Early Verified Bot Developer" badge
9 głosy 12 komentarze
Discord screen on sleep mode windows 10
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Bots should be able to filter messages before before being sent out triggering an event.
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It'd be nice if we could add Origin to our connections
2 głosy 3 komentarze
Discord on mobile browser
7 głosy 3 komentarze
Opt Out of "Active Now" Tab
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Ability to change/hide status in specific servers?
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Google Chrome extension
37 głosy 7 komentarze
Wish I could share more than one application screen at a time
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Allow the OAuth API be be able to read a Guild member's roles.
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Please remove the gift nitro button on both mobile and PC
43 głosy 22 komentarze
My account info obtained from the api is incorrect.
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More channel/server mute time options
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64-bit Discord
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Will discord ever come to VR?
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[Feature Request] Add to API: User's shown social media
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Any way to block certain sources from the Google news pages?
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Allow users to make selfbots
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Discord should add a personal pinning system
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