Server owner passed away, no support reply for over a month
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Staff impersonation alert, scamming to pay to "verify" account
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nitro the badget changes colors every year
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How do you create Discord account?
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Account Recovery
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Discord Account Appeals (What you need to know)
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Please support Google Voice
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Leave more than one server at once
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Account was disabled(scammed for my username)(help isn't coming) Final update.
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I can't login to an account
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Phone number connected to WRONG Account?
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Help they disabled my account
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Tips for hacked and disabled accounts!
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Second disabled account
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Underage Appeals
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Change to the application of permissions of roles on server
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Discord automatically marking support tickets as solved
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User's accounts are getting disabled for no genuine reason, including me.
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My discord account has been disabled for ChargeBack
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Requesting an email change
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Reporting Multiple False Positive Bans in Korean Region
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Please recover my account deactivation
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Deactivate account by accessing PC cafe
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Deleting an account due to a discord error
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Account disabled and changed username ?
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