!!! Switch Between Multiple Accounts Enhancement Ukończone
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Allow me to transfer server ownership Ukończone
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Add support for webauthn authentication, Yubikeys and the like Ukończone
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Avatars by server Ukończone
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[Discord Nitro] Make GIF autoplay Ukończone
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Make Pin Messages a separate permission to Manage Messages Ukończone
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Chat Timeout Ukończone
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Suggestion - Account Switcher Ukończone
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Re-subscribe to email notifications Ukończone
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Re-enable email notifications Ukończone
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[Feature Request] Account Switcher Ukończone
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Account switcher Ukończone
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Allow connection to PSN accounts. Ukończone
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Profile Backgrounds for All Users Ukończone
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Easily switch between multiple accounts Ukończone
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Nitro Ukończone
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Allow server admins to view the server from the point of view of different roles Ukończone
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Add Github as a Profile Connection Ukończone
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Allows us to adjust profile picture thumbnail Ukończone
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Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles Ukończone
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Scan QR-Code to login Ukończone
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Youtube "Streaming" status message Ukończone
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Copy Name, Tag button Ukończone
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Gift Other Users Nitro Ukończone
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Allow for WAAAY more emojis somehow, even if it's behind Nitro or Nitro Classic Ukończone
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