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  • Don't use Enter key to autocomplete insertion in text

    Love the new feature about markdown and emoji previewing directly in typebar. Something I noticed: Tab is used to autocomplete names like emojis or mentions etc. and Enter as well. Maybe Enter migh...

  • Copy images into clipboard

    I would like to be able to directly copy images into clipboard (for example in order to post it somewhere else or outside of Discord). Currently we can only copy the long link with server/channel/m...

  • modify Search sensibility

    I am unsure how the search works, but it was seen that some search parameters are equally evaluated. If it's using something such as the levenshtein algorithm, maybe it could be interesting to modi...

  • Edit sent files

    As well as we're able to edit the text content of a message, I think we should be able to modify the attachments (the files sent with the message, there can be multiple ones with mobile) of a messa...

  • Edit ban/kick reason

    Currently the reason for a ban or a kick has to be set when it occurs. Even though this is logical as first designed to tell the "victim" the cause of the measure ; it would be useful to be able to...