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  • Spycoal dodał(a) komentarz

    Hey @XLive, Google Pay and Google Play payment's method are two separate things. Google Pay is kinda a way to pay wireless with your credit card using your phone, and is rather aimed at stores (al...

  • Spycoal dodał(a) komentarz

    Okay, this sparked a lot of convo.First of, let me set my sides, I am not on the side of DRM. I do not like DRM, I am not fan of either Anti-Tampering nor digital rights management software. Neithe...

  • Spycoal dodał(a) komentarz

    I can see pirates use this, possibly emulating you being offline for bypassing Discord DRM.I dont really think its a good idea.

  • Spycoal dodał(a) komentarz

    Although the person will not see it, I think the OP meant that they are unable to make a Paypal for themselves, probably because they do not have a Credit Card.Although that gets a vote up, a Paysa...