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  • thekingeagle utworzył(a) wpis

    UI Rollback

    Problem 1: Please put the message dividers back, or atleast make it an opt-in featureProblem 2: Please revert to the more subtle reaction bar... It's far too loud.Problem 3: The NEW unread indicato...

  • thekingeagle dodał(a) komentarz

    I don't mind the highlights, but PLEASE for the love of everything, put the divider back.

  • thekingeagle utworzył(a) wpis

    Seamless Emote Keybinding

    I noticed Discord's windows client re-added the space between two emotes on the same line. While this is great since the change interfered with a module on my bot, it does make it harder to do Wide...

  • thekingeagle dodał(a) komentarz

    Yes! something like this would be so good! I've got a mockup, could possibly do without the stroked text though (it was a side effect from photoshop). A background, and added translucent gradient i...